Additional Grooming Information

Here you will find additional information about our Holistic Grooming Services including grooming requirements, matting policies, appointments and more.

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Grooming Information

PLEASE NOTE: Grooming prices vary depending on the size of your pooch, breed, condition of the coat, services requested, etc.  Any grooming quote given over the phone, online, or in person could change based on these factors. There may be additional charges for very large dogs, matted dogs, difficult to groom dogs or other factors. 

Our Full Groom Includes the following:

• Two Baths with Freshening Shampoo, one bath with Brightening Shampoo and one bath with Conditioner (dependent on coat type)

• Drying using 2 types of dryers; no heat high velocity dryer and no heat high velocity stand dryer with brushing for a smooth appearance*

• Styling with Sanitary Trim

• Ear Cleaning and removal of hair from ear canal to help prevent infections (if needed)

• Nail Trimming

• Paw Pad Cleaning and Trimming

• Freshening Spritz

• Completed with a Bow (female dog), or a Bandanna (male dog)

Essential oils are diffused within our grooming and styling areas to help keep the little ones in a calm zen state of mind.


We require all dogs above 9 months of age to have a valid rabies vaccine in order to have any procedure at Perfect Pooch.  This includes holistic grooming, stand alone nail trimming appointments, or any other service which requires a grooming professional to handle your dog.  You will be required to provide an up to date copy of your dogs rabies vaccine prior to your visit.  Acceptable documentation will be a rabies certificate from your veterinarian showing the date the dog was vaccinated and the date the vaccine expires. 

For the safety of our staff members, our furry friends, and their human companions there will be no exceptions to our rabies policy.  Thank you for your understanding.


All of our drying at Perfect Pooch is done without the use of added heat.   We do not use "heated drying rooms", infrared heaters or any other kind of heat assisted drying device.  Heated drying has become popular in the grooming industry to reduce the amount of time necessary to completely dry a dog down to the skin.  Heated drying is also linked to many common issues including overheating and dehydration, and in some cases severe health problems.   The motor of the heater itself does produce a small amount of heat, which is ejected through the back of the units filtration system.

Another popular item used in the grooming industry is chemical drying sprays and drying agents.  Many grooming salons will use heated drying, drying sprays and chemicals, or a combination of both.  There are many chemical drying sprays and agents which can be sprayed to a wet dogs coat to reduce the amount of time required to dry them.   These sprays have also been linked to negative health problems.   For the safety of your dog we do not use these methods of drying.


If applicable, there could be extra charges applied for matt removal. The amount and severity of the matting will be determined by Perfect Pooch and a qualified grooming professional in our salon with the proper tools and experience.  We will never be able to tell if your dog has matts over the phone or online, it will need to be done in person.  Matts are not "repairable", and can not be fixed.   Matting needs to be removed and proper brushing will need to be used in order to help prevent future matting.  Depending on the severity of the matts there may be a shaved area where the matting was removed.  It is extremely important to be on a regular grooming schedule, which includes following through at home in between your grooming visits with proper brushing and coat maintenance techniques to help prevent matting.  Having matts removed on one visit does not mean your dog will not have matts on their next visit. Matting is very common in dogs and can have a variety of causes.  Talk to your groomer today for advice on helping to keep your dogs coat properly brushed and matt free.


We do our best to be as flexible as possible with all of our clients for their holistic grooming appointments.   We require a 24 hour notice prior to the cancellation of any appointment.  If you do not provide a 24 hour notice, you will be charged a $35 cancellation fee.  If you are not able to keep your appointment you can call us anytime at (401) 884 - 7200, or visit our CONTACT US page to notify us of your cancellation.

We honor a 15 minute window for late appointments.   If you are more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, it will be considered a cancellation without providing a 24 hour notice and you will be charged a $35 fee.


As always we encourage you to bring treats for your little one, and we will gladly give them their favorite treats throughout their groom!  We try and always keep treats handy in our Salon for your little one, but can not always guarantee we will have them available.  If your dog has any type of food allergy we will not give any treats throughout the visit for safety.


At Perfect Pooch we support adoption!  We gladly give a 10% discount for any Holistic Grooming for a newly adopted dog!**

**NOTE: We will gladly honor a 10% discount for any newly adopted dog for a Holistic Grooming visit.  This is a one time discount which is only eligible on a dogs first appointment. This discount may not be applied to retail items, or any other service.  You need to have legally adopted your dog to be eligible for this discount.  Proof of adoption is required to honor this discount.   Acceptable proof of adoption documentation is the original adoption paperwork which you received from the shelter or organization in which you adopted your dog from, or other legal adoption paperwork.   We will not be able to make exceptions for this discount if this paperwork is not present, no other forms of paperwork will be accepted for this discount.  Discount is valid within the 1st year of adoption only.


We gladly honor a 10% discount to all East Greenwich town employees (including town workers, police, fire, and emt).  We also will honor a 10% discount to our neighbors who are employed on Main Street, East Greenwich, RI.  In order to be eligible for this discount proof of your current employment will be required.