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Canine Obesity


In the United States, canine obesity is a growing epidemic. Like humans, excess body fat is associated with many adverse health effects including heart disease, diabetes, joint problems, increased cancer risk and decreased life expectancy. A great way to protect your dog from obesity is to ensure he/she gets plenty of exercise. Giving proper food portions and treats in moderation are crucial to your dog’s weight control as well. If you are unsure about your dog’s ideal weight, please have your dog evaluated by a veterinarian.

Proper Care for your pooch to help prevent against matting


Matting can not only become unsightly on your little ones coat, in some cases it can become a serious problem.   Follow these steps to help prevent matting on your pooch's coat

1.) HAVE A REGULAR GROOMING SCHEDULE:  Having a regular schedule with your groomer ensures your little ones coat will be kept in proper condition, and will greatly reduce matting especially on breeds which are most vulnerable to them.  Different breeds require different grooming intervals.  Talk to your groomer about a healthy grooming schedule.

2.) PROPER BRUSHING: Ensure you are brushing out your dogs coat on a regular basis. Having a regular brushing schedule is critical to coat health. Each dogs breeds brushing schedule will vary, so you will have to research your dogs brushing frequency.  Also be sure you are using the correct tools to brush your dogs coat and are not only brushing on the surface.

Even with a regular grooming schedule, and following the proper steps matting can still occur.  Following proper maintenance practices will greatly reduce the risk of matting, but will not guarantee it will eliminate it.

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