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At Perfect Pooch we specialize in an truly all-natural alternative to traditional dog grooming. All of our products contain 100% therapeutic grade essential oils and never contain any harmful additives, or artificial bi-products. We also never use chemical drying sprays (popular in the grooming industry), heated dryers, or dry shampoos. The holistic healing approach gives your pooch a better overall sense of wellness. Our dogs are members of our family, and it is important to treat them as such. We also use a special water filtration system for all of our bathing systems to ensure your pooch is being bathed and pampered with water free of dirt, debris, and other harmful contaminants.

We are proud to be the first in Rhode Island to offer our own line of CBD Products and Services for your pooch. For almost a year, Perfect Pooch has closely worked with a team of scientists to include CBD Services for your pooch in our salon.  We also have a full range of our own CBD Products available for purchase including tinctures, drops, sprays, treats and more!  Please CLICK HERE for more information about our own CBD.

Many grooming products claim to be all natural, but we would like you to take the all natural challenge! Shampoos which are hypoallergenic or oatmeal based are good, but are they really as natural as they claim to be? Simply ask for the ingredients list, and you'll know exactly how natural the products are. At Perfect Pooch we are more than happy to provide a full ingredient list of every product that we use! We are happy to offer the truly all natural & holistic alternative!

"A caring and clean environment. My  Lucy had a wonderful experience our first visit when we moved to RI and have booked standing appointments ever since. Highly recommend Perfect Pooch for peace of mind baths and grooms for your furry loved ones."

Arlene Scavone

~ Best Friend ~

Lucy, Cocker Poo

"Our 9 year old black lab ‘Jake’ was fortunate enough to have been groomed by Chris & Kerri at Perfect Pooch for the last 3 years.  Chris & Kerri are the ultimate professionals. The love and compassion they showed through the years in making Jake in to a well-groomed beautiful dog at every single visit, is nothing we had experienced anywhere else. The line of holistic products that they use is simply the best, creating a calm environment from the aromatherapy for all pooches. I cannot recommend Perfect Pooch enough. Definitely give them a try. Your pooch will love them! :-)"

Claudette Caparelli

~ Best Friend ~

Jake, Black Lab

"Lily's first visit to Perfect Pooch was amazing! They took great care with my 11 year old rough coat collie! Lily has been groomed at other places prior to her visit to Perfect Pooch, but I was never quite satisfied with the results. She was groomed beautifully! I am so happy with the results and will be taking Lily back for future visits! Thanks to everyone at Perfect Pooch for a great experience!"

Chelsea DeCrescenzo

~ Best Friend ~

Lily, Rough Coated Collie

See what people have been saying about Perfect Pooch!

""I have been to many groomers and no one here in Rhode Island has done the job Kerri and Chris have done. She will be back, she looks great!"

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